Showers of Rain

Showers of rain are what I need
Something to fill me
Cleanse me for real

I need your refreshing
To make me revived
Showers fallin on me
Showers fallin on me

Your refreshing water
Oh I’m thirsty and dry
If I stay like this
I’ll surely die

Showers of rain are what I need
Your Spirit to fill me
Cleanse me for real
Oh, Cleanse me for real

I know that you want me
More than I want to
To seek you with my whole heart
To surrender all to You

But something still hinders
Still widens the void
Between You and I
Oh my flesh must die

Your Living Water is what I need
Your Spirit to revive me
To be ALL Yours for real

Showers of rain are what I need
Your Spirit to fill me
Cleanse me for real
Oh, Cleanse me for real

Your Living Water is what I need
Just to be all Yours
All Yours for real

No picture can capture Your Heavenly flow
Your flow I need to be re-made whole
Only Your breath canRegenerate that which is deadRevive he who is weary

Refresh he who is thirsty and dry

RENEW the heart,
mind and
will of this sinner saved by GRACE


Let’s Live for The King
Give all to Him
Let’s run from our fears
Give to Him all our cares

Let’s Live for The King
Let’s run from sin
Let’s Live for The King
Hide not the truth

Don’t pretend that your right
He knows you’re not fine
Just believe on His might
Believe for you He’ll fight

You who now read
This note from His heart
Don’t be afraid to trust Him
To really just believe
That no matter your plight
If you’re called by God
All will be alright

Crosses will stay
He promised us so
By our side He may
Never leave
Cuz His word says so

I know not to whom
This message is compelled
But don’t be afraid
To shout to God, to yell

He wants our hearts, our all
He wants our inwards parts
And so He really wants
The truth from our hearts

So when you look
And you can’t seem to find
Just why all these plagues
Constantly interrupt your mind
Look to the Saviour
For His promise is true
Hell never, yes never
Ever leave you

The War is Real

The war is real
Open your eyes and see
The Bible speaks truth
Read its pages
And see
Look around, don’t be bound in ignorance
Look around, make the connections and be free

Free, to make the right choice
Filled with knowledge anew,
Listening to the right voice
Free to be the right version of you

Don’t believe the lies
Ensure your life is pure in God’s eyes
Be wise
Don’t be fooled, be not deceived

Be not afraid, He is with you
Be not dismayed,
He will work it for your good
Don’t try to understand
Leave it in his hand

Bow in awe,
Submit to His will
Acknowledge His authority
He is God still
It may not seem that way
New Age sounds way cooler
It’s not about what we want it to be
It is the way IT IS

I won’t pretend I can prove it all
But what of that which can be proven
Will you open your eyes and see?
Study the Word-and you will see it is THE TRUTH

Proven, how?
Will you look to the Middle East-
Or, just lo-o-k around and see
The prophecies being fulfilled
Dis Ease, epidemic
Wars, no end
Make no mistake
You can’t retreat

How scary it seems to me
Yet I will not be afraid
Man seeks to save his self
Not realizing he puts himself closer to destruction
In trying to save, to help, to aid, to bring about ‘the change’
He is helping to destroy
In ignorance of THE TRUTH,
with no hind sight
In blindness, he has not seen or known THE LIGHT
And so in his desperate plight
He tries to help himself
And will find himself forever trapped

But what of you, what of me?
The redeemed who contently sit
While my brother, your sister make their fiery exit
Lying to the Lord
Promising to serve,
Not rly willing to give
All to the Master,
Who died so we could live?

Could it be
That I’m still not over me
That I want to be seen
Not quite reflecting the LIGHT
Just maybe?

Oh, Lord, please help me
To you to be true
To love you with my whole heart
To surrender all to you

So that nothing will hinder
My heart from your own
O let this saved sinner
Make thee known

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